Covenant Day School Mission

The Day School's mission includes:

• Teaching and instilling in each child a love for God, 
His Word, and the world He has created.
• Providing an environment of love, security, acceptance 
and success.
• Planning and directing a wide variety of stimulating, 
age-appropriate activities in an enriching environment.
• Assisting each child in developing a positive, Christ- 
centered self-image and a positive attitude toward school.
• Assisting children in developing expressive and receptive 
language skills, sensory-perception skills, gross and fine 
motor skills, and effective interpersonal skills.
• Promoting in each child a healthy independence.
• Working in harmony with parents to provide support 
services when needed.

The Day School Staff strives to fulfill this mission "inch by inch, precept by precept" through the strength of the Holy Spirit, knowing each day is only a step along the path God has ordained for each child. Our prevailing purpose is to glorify God by obeying Him as we serve you and your child.