Children learn best when a curriculum is presented in context and learned through both play and interaction. The school year for each age level is broken down into thematic units appropriate to the child’s world. For example, three year olds delve into units on supermarket, pets, community helpers, farm and other environments and topics that are familiar and intriguing at that age. The Kindergarteners, on the other hand, tackle units which thrill their inquisitive minds such as weather, author/artist studies and prehistoric animals. Each aspect of the curricula—language arts, social studies, math, science and spiritual—is integrated into these thematic units.

A detailed yearly scope and sequence for each age level is available upon request.

Each child is unique in his/her learning style and development. Continual interaction, assessment and a wide variety of instructional approaches allow the teachers to build upon each child’s strengths and effectively instruct and direct the individual child. Providing two teachers in each classroom enables the program to give the special attention needed to ensure growth and address challenges for each child.