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A Letter from Ingram }

February 2018
Each month Ingram Link, our Director of Women's Ministry, shares her heart with the women of Covenant.

Our Women's Ministry Committee welcomes your feedback and suggestions.
Each member of the committee is listed here along with their contact information:
Women's Ministry Committee

Sacred Studio

The grown-up version of Created for a Purpose!
Visit for information and registration (registration closes February 12).

Journey Towards Purpose: A pathFinder Retreat

April 13 (5:30-9:00p) & 14 (8:30a-3:00p) in C316 | $50; REGISTER
Do you feel as if your light is barely flickering or has been blown out all together with the demands of this world? How do you rekindle the flame that the Creator originally placed in your heart? It seems that many of us feel we have busier lives than ever and less purpose than ever. Although we don’t often live as if we believe it, we are all part of a bigger story. Come hear more about God’s bigger story and the role you play. Let’s look at what God says about your life and investigate some amazing things about how He uniquely created you.  During our time together, God willing, you will begin to see an entirely new picture of how to live intentionally with greater purpose. We become change-makers when we believe that we were put on this earth by a passionate Creator who designed us to be a light shining in a world that needs hope. Your richest days just might be ahead of you!
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Women's Studies Winter/Spring 2018

(Video Introduction)



Winter Retreat

Listen to Abby Hutto, "The Heart of the Father"

Created for a Purpose

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