The following committees do not fall under the standard Nominating Committee process.
These committees are appointed by the Session.


Teaching Elder:
Marty Crawford, Church Administrator

Personnel Committee | The Personnel Committee oversees human resource needs of the church such as benefits, salaries, and related operating policies.
Members: Bob Schaffeld (Chair, Ruling Elder), Bryan Balogh (Ruling Elder), Marty Crawford (Teaching Elder), John Smith T (Ruling Elder), Sam Tortorici (Ruling Elder), Charles White (Ruling Elder)

Joint Finance Committee | The Join Finance Committee develops the annual budget for congregational approval; this committee also promotes stewardship and giving within the congregation.
Members: Marty Crawford (Teaching Elder), Ty Dedmon (Deacon), Jeff Dyess (Deacon), Gary Gorham (Deacon), Fred Henry (Deacon), Merrill Johnston (Deacon), Mark Miller (Ruling Elder), Lee Sheppard (Ruling Elder), John Wood (Ruling Elder)

Long-Term Planning Committee | The Long-Term Planning Committee devises long-term strategies and plans in an effort to optimize Covenant’s engagement and impact on our culture for Christ.
Members: Bill Bennett (Ruling Elder), Steve Casey (Ruling Elder), Marty Crawford (Teaching Elder), Charles White (Ruling Elder)


Ad Hoc Committees | These committees are actively functioning and are not part of the official committee structure of Covenant Presbyterian but do serve a vital role in the hospitality and involvement of our church.

Adoption & Orphan Care Committee
Sound & Technology Committee (serve under the direction of Rick Barnes, Director of Musical Arts)
Marketing & Communications Committee